Amazing Features!

Introducing the patent pending Photo Crony, the complete all-in-one solution for easy product photography and automation.

Designed by photographers for photographers and coming soon to Kickstarter! The Crony features:

  • Solid construction with aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Unlimited surfaces and background options
  • Save space without light stands and heavy gear
  • Perfect product position with connection points, wire and rod supports
  • Rotate table, camera, lights or any combination
  • Easily connect to any support, motor drive and animation system


Discover the CronyPlay demo video


The Crony Video

Keep an eye out! The product is coming soon to Kickstarter.

Patent Pending

Patent-pending device with an incredible centering bolt designed for perfect positioning of your object.

Designed by working photographers for working photographers, the Photo Crony is built from the ground up to last forever and do pretty much anything. Whether you are positioning simple lights, rotating your object or rotating your camera around an object, the Crony is built to get the job done quickly, easily and efficiently (and more economically). The design features the innovate base, replaceable surfaces, customization accessories and easy automation.

This is a completely innovative product and we are excited to use our experience to design the right tool for the job. Please visit us on Kickstarter and help us get the job done.

Bullet Proof Prototype

Thank you for checking out our prototype as we head into the world of Kickstarter. The device was designed to be incredibly strong, light weight and functional right out of the box. We look forward to bringing this, along with some kick butt accessories to the world. We’ll save you a TON of time and let you focus on what you do best.

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